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Videos and Audios

We have organized all of the videos in two ways: by level and by topic


Click each of these links depending on your level of experience:

Just Getting Started     Basic Skills     Intermediate Skills     Advanced Skills


Click the links below to access videos and audios in each topic:

Stable Skills
How to Measure Your Horse
Lead Rope Choices
Fitting a Halter
How to Tie a Quick Release Knot
How to Hang a Hay Net
Cleaning Buckets
Special Care: How to Give Medication (oral)
How to Make Anti-Fungal Scrub
How to Make Body Wash
Q&E: Making Buckets Safer
Q&E: Feeding Your Horse A Tidbit
Don't Throw Away That Ratty Blanket Just Yet! (Recycle Blanket Parts)
Tack Cleaning Secrets
Taking Your Horse's TPR (Temperature, Pulse, Respiration)
Q&E: How to Make a Stall Toy
Blanketing 101
Blanketing 102-Part I
Blanketing 102-Part II
Trailer Tying Safety
Longeing Equipment and Fit
Tacking Up
Helmet Fit
How To Clean A Stall
Stall Fans: Choosing and Safely Hanging
How To Polish Your Boots To A Mirrored Shine
How To Recondition Neglected Tack
How To Make Boot Trees

Health Care
Core Vaccinations
Dental Care: Floating Teeth

Grooming and Presentation
The Horse Inspection for the CCI 2** w/Eric Dierks
How to Humanely Pull a Horse's Tail
How to Humanely Pull a Horse's Mane
Clipper Care
Clipping: Trimming Your Horse
Clipping: The Strip Clip
Clipping: The Trace Clip
Clipping: The Hunter Clip
Clipping: The Full Body Clip
How To Treat Rain Rot
Correct Leading
Jogging In Hand

Feeding and Nutrition
Six Classes of Nutrients
Salt for Horses
Q&E: Pelleted Beet Pulp
Hendricks' Horse Tea
Feeding Your Horse Flax Seed
Preventing Winter Colic I
Preventing Winter Colic II
Feeding Your Horse Bran Mash
Feeding Your Horse Alfalfa Cubes
Feeding Your Horse Beet Pulp
The Do's and Don'ts of Packing Horse Feed and Hay For Away From Home
Selecting Feeds and Hays
Weighing Feed and Hay

Feet and Shoeing
Horseshoe Studs w/ Jason Biggs
The Five Steps of Shoeing w/ Bob MacDonald
Horse Shoe Removal w/ Bob MacDonald
Farrier Tools w/Jason Biggs
Horse Shoes- Standard Types w/ Jason Biggs
Horse Shoes- Therapeutic and Corrective w/Jason Biggs
Parasites and Deworming
Parasites: Deworming Drug Classes
Parasites: Equine Parasites Overview
Parasites: Bots Life Cycle
Parasites: Ascarids Life Cycle
Parasites: Small Strongyles Life Cycle
Parasites: Large Strongyles Life Cycle
Parasites: Pinworms Life Cycle
Parasites: Lung Worms Life Cycle
Parasites: Habronema Life Cycle
Parasites: Onchocerca Life Cycle
Parasites: Tape Worms Life Cycle
Q&E: How to Remove Bot Fly Eggs

Bandaging: The Stack Bandage
Bandaging: Tail - Grooming
Bandaging: Tail - Shipping
Bandaging: Tail - Herringbone
Bandaging: Tail - Butterfly
Bandaging: Tail - Mudtail - Veterinary
Bandaging: The Stable Bandage (Cupped and Uncupped)
Bandaging: The Perfect Shipping Bandage (Front Leg)
Bandaging: The Perfect Shipping Bandage (Hind Leg)
Bandaging: How to Make Shipping Bandage Padding
Bandaging: How to Make Your Own Leg Bandages
Bandaging: How to Poultice
Bandaging: Soaking and Bandaging a Hoof Abscess
Bandaging: Cold Water Bandage
Bandaging: Figure 8 Knee
Bandaging: Figure 8 Hock
Bandaging: Polo Wraps
Bandaging: Making a Spider Bandage
Bandaging: The Spider Bandage

Systems and Anatomy
Anatomy Lab II with Dr. Brad Gordon 2011
The Digestive System
Anatomy Lab with Dr. Brad Gordon and Cindy Healy 2010

Riding and Eventing
Walking a Cross Country CCI 2 ** Course w/ Eric Dierks
Horse Inspection CCI **
Interview w/ Eric Dierks USEA Advanced Rider & ICP Instructor Lev. III

Introducing Your Horse To Longeing

Conditioning and Pacing
Series to be upload soon

How to Tie a Stock Tie
United States Pony Club Annual Meeting 2010
The Horses of St. Croix I
The Horses of St. Croix II
The Horses of St. Croix III
The Horses of St. Croix IV

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Stable Skills    Health Care    Grooming/Presentation    Feeding/Nutrition    Feet/Shoeing

 Parasites/Deworming    Bandaging    Systems/Anatomy    Veterninary Knowledge/Care

Riding/Eventing     Training      Conditioning/Pacing    Miscellaneous

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